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feminist pink fringe banner
Feminist Fringe Doggy Decor Banner

Feminist Fringe Doggy Decor Banner

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Does your dog love their mama and would do anything for you? Then your dog is a FEMINIST! This glittery, fun handmade fringed banner is great as home or party decor or as an accent to your dog's food and water bowl area. A little fringe and glitter turn every meal into a special celebration! 

  • Pastel pink fringe hangs from a shimmering cord secured with gold flower sequins
  • Handwritten letters painted in sunshine yellow and outlined with fine copper glitter
  • Approx. 18 inches across, plus additional cord
  • Hangs down approx. 4 inches

These fun and quirky banners are made of quality materials that allow them to hang with some weight and substance. They're designed to be impulsive and fun, yet made to last for many special occasions or as a home decor statement.

These letters will not crease, bend, bleed, or worse yet, tear. If you choose to hang the banner outside or over your dog's dinner bowl, a little drizzle will not harm it. Basically, this banner is drool proof! 

Made in the USA by Fun Cult.